Website Services

Legacy Website Updates

Does your website need updating with new or additional content? In many cases, updating an older (or legacy) site is not a problem, with of course caveats, beginning with the code itself. If it’s too obtuse, you’re out of luck.

If it is a WordPress or other CMS site, adding or updating your content, even creating new pages, is easy.

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Site Strategy & Development

Strategizing and developing the direction and look of your website, based on what you do and what you hope to accomplish with a new or updated web presence.

Content Development 

What you say and the images you use are the foundation of your website. Services include consulting on content development as well as creating content.  

Production & Publishing 

Formatting and customizing the layout of your website using WordPress, followed by production work and publishing services, including the nuts and bolts of dealing with your domain name and hosting service.  

Social Media

Just because they exist doesn’t mean you need to have a presence on every social media platform out there. Consultation on the best social media fit for your particular business or service.