Climate Change

Special Focus: Climate Change

Analysis and News on the 'Business' of Climate Change

In 2011 I began writing about the business side of climate change — it existed, thanks in large part to legislative actions by the State of California on carbon dioxide levels and emission standards.

As a contributing editor to the Climate Change Business Journal, I wrote extensively researched news and analysis on a wide range of carbon mitigation and, later, adaptation activities undertaken by global industries, from the mining and energy sectors to automotive and infrastructure engineering companies.


Founder, a Northern California Magazine on Climate & the Environment

Climate change and its impact on our planet has been a focus since 2007, when I launched a magazine specific to issues of climate and the environment. Published in Marin County, CA, TerraMarin covered climate-related actions by individuals and local government agencies, as well as policies that were already well-established in this progressive Northern California community.

In style, TerraMarin combined news and lifestyle features and was designed to both entertain and educate a general readership on the importance of understanding the implications of a changing climate — and it provided information on how individuals could participate in the solution.

Previous to the magazine, I had launched an electronic news wire that covered business and technology news specific to the “alternative energy” sector: solar and wind, primarily. The news wire, EnergyResource, was published on Factiva, the Dow Jones news portal.

Download an edition of TerraMarin magazine, 2008

Climate change actions in Tucson, AZ, Desert Leaf magazine.